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Why You Should Have Your Grease Trap Regularly Cleaned

If you want your grease trap to work properly, it needs to be serviced every 90 days at the max, depending on the volume of food prepared in your restaurant. Whilst you may think that you can get by without cleaning the trap for a longer period, regular servicing prevents repairs and maintenance issues.

Keep in mind that is much easier to maintain the trap by scheduling regular grease trap cleaning in Sydney. Otherwise, you can pay enormous amounts of money for repairs. Regular maintenance ensures that backups do not occur. When waste sits too long in the trap, the types of backups that damage a sewer system can happen.

Toxic Fumes and Bad Smells

Also, waste that is allowed to sit in a trap becomes toxic. Therefore, any ongoing exposure by employees can make them sick. The bad smell that develops also does nothing for employee motivation. Because an accumulation of grease can lead to damages to the pipes and drains, you need to always stay on top of its cleaning. Moreover, regular cleaning of the trap ensures that you always comply with local regulations.

Don’t Neglect Cleaning Your Trap

Once of the best ways to avoid sewer issues is to keep the grease trap clean and free of waste. Waste buildups in grease traps do not decompose easily and seep into the piping, leading to blockages and backups. If you procrastinate too long, you could easily shut down or go out of business. If you have to temporarily shut down, you will pay much more money for repairs than what you receive in earnings.

Also, consider that failing to service the grease trap can also lead to leaks. Leaks can be especially hazardous, especially when the leaks involve toxic grease trap waste. Again, not taking care of the grease trap with regular scheduled cleaning can lead to some costly repairs.

Following a Cleaning Schedule

You can either have your trap cleaned every one to three months or follow the 1/4 rule. This rule encourages cleaning whenever 1/4 of the grease trap contains fats, oils, grease, and solids (FOGS). That may even be an easier rule to follow than scheduling cleaning every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Increased Profits and Business

Besides ensuring cleanliness and better health, the cleaning of a grease trap supports increased profits and ongoing business operations. Don’t allow your grease trap to get too full as it can be detrimental to public health, business activities, and how people perceive your business overall.

In fact, make cleaning and pumping a priority. Doing so will not only bode well for you professionally but it will also help you maintain a better business image in the local community. Keep to a schedule and contact grease cleaning specialists today.

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