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What Will Help You In Choosing The Best Size For The Skirting Boards?

Skirting boards are generally of different sizes and colors. Slight variation will be there in the size of the boards. It would help if you practiced in such a manner that will offer you high-quality boards and one that is based on the look of the place and interior to a great extent.


Initially, while buying the skirting boards, you need to look at the height of the skirting boards. You will come across various heights, but to make a genuine selection, you need to go for the height that matches the existing bards. In case you are using the boards in the new house hen the design in height is entirely yours. A variation in the height is available:

  • 70mm to 95mm
  • 120mm to 170mm
  • 195mm to 220mm
  • 250mm and above

You can feel free to choose the height of the boards based on your choices. If there is still some doubt in the mind, consulting with other people will be a good idea.


After the height of the boards, the matter of concern is the thickness. Try to go for the boards that will match the existing ones or that are within the texture of the room. The variation in the thickness will be there among the following, like 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm.


You can have a look at the length of the skirting bards. It will be a factor that will help in choosing the right option. The one that will fit the wall is a great deal. Mainly you can notice some length of the skirting boards, including 3050mm and 4200mm.


At the time when you have taken the decision regarding the birds, then the finishing also matters. Ensure you choose the best option, like the prime and unprimed options. You can look at some points that will make this a good choice.

These are some genuine factors that will help in choosing the best and plain skirting board. If you take into consideration these points, then the final decision will be good.

Uses Of The Skirting Boards

The use of the skirting boards will be in the hand of the people. The overall aesthetic look will be offered to the house. There are several uses for the plain skirting board. Let’s have a look at some of them:

·        Protection For The Walls

It is quite normal that the walls might face damage in the future. For the protection of the walls, the use of skirting boards is a good option. They will work as a barrier between the wall and the devastating elements. The layer will work as the safeguard for the wall.

·        Support Wallpaper

These days’ people apply wallpaper on the walls, and they also require protection; using the skirting bards will work as protection and will maintain their good life.


If you are clear about using the plain skirting board, then only the final selection of the best piece is possible. Your main concern must be to get good results and have a good look at the house.

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