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Understand Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring An Electrician?

Electrical installations are present in different environments and are fundamental for the well-being and use of objects in everyday life. Practically everything is connected to electricity these days. Therefore, it is easy to understand the importance of these systems. To help our customers even more, we list some of the most common residential electrical problems before hiring an expert such as High Voltage Electric for example.

Residential Electrical Problems – What Are The Main Ones

There are different problems that can affect the overload of a residence’s electrical network and other places, such as commercial and industrial buildings. Problems can happen for a variety of reasons. Among the main causes is the age of the electrical network, which may be outdated or installation problems. Another common cause is not updating the electrical network when you have new electronic equipment. The electrical network can withstand up to a certain type of voltage. When a new shower is installed, for example, it may require more energy than the network can support.

Circuit Breakers Tripped

Circuit breaker tripping is one of our most common residential electrical problems. This problem is characterized by the circuit breaker turning off after use. This usually happens when using equipment that requires a lot of electricity, such as the shower or air conditioning. The circuit breaker trips after a while because of overheating.

These devices are designed to shut down when they overheat. Overheating can be caused by faulty installation, network overload, or simply a loosely tightened screw on the circuit breaker. When this problem recurs, you need to investigate what is causing the circuit breaker to trip immediately. This problem cannot go unsolved. The circuit breaker trips to prevent a short circuit and the beginning of a fire. If you let the breaker fall without finding the solution to the problem, eventually, it can lose this safety factor and end up causing serious fires.

Circuit Breakers Incompatible With The Network

Still, about circuit breakers, a common mistake is installing equipment incompatible with the entire electrical network. In case the rated current of the circuit breaker is not compatible with the carrying capacity of the current, as well as the electricity cables. This means an installation can have a circuit breaker with a capacity greater than the conductors. This incorrect installation removes the network protection and may cause a short circuit in the wires.

Electrical Wires That Has Issues

Like any other material, the wires used in the electrical network also deteriorate over time, especially if other problems have been detected. With the damage to the electrical wires, the possibility of short circuits directly with the property’s structure opens up. If the PVC sheath of a wire ends up breaking or cracking, the copper could come into contact with the wood in the ceiling or ceiling and start an incident. If your electrical installation is more than 10 years old, it is necessary to conduct an inspection to determine the wires’ structure.

Outdated Network

Real estate is made to last many years, but with the electrical grid, it is not the same story. If you have an old property that had the electrical network done at the time of construction, it is important to update the wires and the system. This prevents the network from overheating and adapting the construction to the new security practices required by the market.

It is also important to carry out an update to replace wires that may have the wrong millimeters or are worn out. Make sure to use a professional such as South Florida Industrial Electrician for example for all your electrical problems.

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