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Tips To Keep Snow Out Of Your Garage

Close your eyes and imagine the scene: you wake up on a Sunday morning, the white street outside, snowflakes lazily passing by the window, a hot chocolate with marshmallows in your hands, the smell of freshly baked pancakes in the air, while soft music plays to the bottom. Does this look familiar? Yes, you saw it in the movies.

The reality is a little different. The most common report of those who leave a tropical country and go to live in a cold country is that of disappointment with the snow. We arrived excited, full of cinematographic references and dreams of seeing snow for the first time or of living close to it for the first time. Still, then we realized that snow is water mixed with everything on the ground, it can make a beautiful mess and that it’s too cold to do so much cleaning.

 Sal (Rock Salt)

No, it’s no use using salt from your barbecue, this salt like bulk rock salt, also known as rock salt, is specific for snow and is sold in various stores, so it will be easy to find. Understand salt has to be put in BEFORE the snow falls; throwing it in later can make the snow stick to the ground and make it even harder to clean.

Sprinkle salt on the exposed area in driveways, drastically reducing the amount of dirt your car takes in and means less cleaning for you. That way, you avoid slippery chunks of ice in your path, which can be a risk for falls and injuries. However, salt can leave white stains, which may not be a good idea for the garage’s interior. But don’t worry; the stains are not permanent and can be washed off with warm water.

Clean Your Car Before Entering The Garage

Cleaning the car by Ninja De-Icer for example to remove excess snow before entering the garage can be one more way to reduce the chances of snow following you into your home. Of course, that will only stop some of the snow and water from making its way into the driveway, and we understand that this might not be your new favorite activity. Still, spending five minutes brushing the roof, hood, and windshield means spending less than thirty minutes shoveling snow and mud when it melts.

Keep Your Garage Clean And Organized

It doesn’t hurt to clean your garage once in a while, right?! By taking care of cracks, dents, dirt, and dust year-round, you can avoid expensive problems and repairs in the future. A clutter-free garage floor makes any necessary maintenance easier and cleaning faster.

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