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Tips to Decorate a Small Pooja Room

Even though the pooja room is not one of the busiest rooms in your home, you will have to pay attention to its design. This is because the pooja room attracts more positive energy to your home. Also, it is an auspicious place and should appear appealing. From the colours and layout to the design, every element should be chosen carefully. You must also remember that your pooja room design should be Vastu-compliant. It will give the space a more spiritual effect. In case you are not sure about how to decorate your small puja room design, here are a few tips that will help you to create the ideal small pooja room design in your apartment:

01 of 04 Paint the walls

You do not always have to look for complicated solutions to make your small pooja room design appear appealing and auspicious. Simple tips can help to take care of this problem as well. For instance, you can just paint the walls of your pooja room. It will instantly change the appearance of your pooja room interior design. There are many colours available. You should choose an option that helps to create a spiritual and pristine atmosphere. White is one of the most popular colours used in the pooja room. However, you can consider other options as well. Just consider sticking to lighter shades. They will make the space appear brighter and create the illusion of a larger space. Therefore, the small pooja room design in your apartment will appear more spacious. Blue, yellow, and orange are a few other popular tones you can find in a pooja room.

02 of 04 Focus on the entrance of your pooja room

Many people make the mistake of choosing the same door for the pooja room that is used in the rest of the rooms. You should avoid it. Always choose a door that will distinguish it from the rest of the rooms. There are many interesting pooja room door designs you can find in the market. Solid wooden doors, metal doors, and jaali doors are a few great choices for a pooja room. For your small puja room design, a glass door will be a great option as well. This is because a glass door will allow you to see through and make the space appear open and spacious. Therefore, your small pooja room will appear bigger. Also, it will allow more light to enter your pooja room and keep it well-lit at all times. In case you want to keep the space private, you can choose translucent glass instead of transparent glass. It will allow light to pass and people will not be able to see inside your pooja room.

03 of 04 Always focus on lighting

Although the lighting of your pooja room may not seem that important, you must always ensure that the space stays well-lit. This is because a well-lit pooja room attracts more positive energy. You will have to ensure that every corner of your pooja room is well-lit. Try to make use of natural light during the day. For the night, sufficient lighting fixtures should be installed. You should opt for layered lighting. It simply means choosing task lights, ambient lights, and accent lights for the space. The combination of the lighting fixtures will ensure you can perform all the tasks properly and the perfect atmosphere is created for praying. You can find small and minimalist lighting fixtures that will stay hidden and illuminate the small pooja room design in your apartment perfectly. You can try a chandelier as well. However, make sure that it does not appear too large for the small pooja room. Otherwise, it may appear awkward and diminish the appeal of your pooja room.

04 of 04 Focus on the floor

The floor is often one of the spaces that get ignored. You should carefully choose a floor design that complements your pooja room look. The material is crucial. Always choose natural materials for a Vastu-compliant pooja room interior design. Marble flooring is one of the most popular options you will find in a pooja room. It has a very elegant look and sets a pristine atmosphere. However, it will require a lot of maintenance, especially in a room where oil stains are common.

Besides the flooring material, you should pay attention to the design. A simple floor design is always acceptable. You can create beautiful rangolis on it to accentuate the space. However, a more permanent rangoli design can be created on the floor by painting it. Avoid choosing a paint colour that appears similar to your existing floor colours. Instead, choose a contrasting colour. It will help to add more character to the space and create a more dramatic look.

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