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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Keeping Your Home Warm In Winter

The winter season brings a period of cosiness at home, where residents can spend time cosying up with a good book as the temperatures drop outside. With energy costs rising, however, it is becoming more difficult for residents to keep their homes warm without incurring significant costs. Thankfully, however, there are a number of ways that a home can be kept warmer throughout the winter period without the need to entirely rely on central heating systems.

Do… Embracing Winter Meals

Cooking hearty meals, from delicious roasts to flavourful soups, is a brilliant way to survive the winter. Not only do these foods bring a great deal of comfort to residents but the way they are cooked can also help to heat a home.

Keeping the oven door open after a meal has been cooked, for example, can very quickly heat a room. Those dishes cooked on stove tops also emit a great deal of warmth as they are being cooked too, making them an ideal dish for when individuals want to create a warmer space while preparing dinner.

Don’t… Neglect Draughts

Windows and doors are susceptible to draughts and even a small degree of wind chill can quickly reduce the internal temperature of a room. As such, homeowners should inspect their windows and doors for any evidence of a cold breeze and act accordingly if anything is found. While replacing or repairing these assets is a good idea, an immediate fix can be as simple as a heavy curtain.

Do… Embrace Cosy Spaces 

Instead of attempting to heat a large or empty space, it can be easier to select essential rooms and keep to those instead. Occupying only a few cosy living spaces can be easier to heat and feel more comfortable during the winter, especially for those who want a reading nook. Log cabins make for ideal cosy spaces and can be insulated to make them an assuredly warm space no matter the weather too.

Don’t… Open Doors

Heat is rather fickle when inside the home and, as long as rooms are contained, they will remain warm. However, should doors be kept open, they will soon become colder, putting greater pressure on heating systems to warm them up again. As such, doors should be kept closed, as much as possible, throughout the winter period to ensure heat is kept within essential spaces for longer periods of time.

Do… Light Candles

Adding candles to a living space adds a number of great qualities, bringing aromas and style to a living space. Additionally, the presence of even a single flame can slowly transform a small room over the course of an evening, warming it up both visually and literally. So, if you’re trying to save on your heating bills, be sure to light a few candles in the afternoon.

Don’t… Cover Your Radiators

Effective heating means considering one’s furniture arrangement. Should radiators be blocked by furniture or decor, they will be less effective, causing homeowners to spend money on heat they are not enjoying.

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