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Popular Upholstery Patterns For 2022

When choosing furniture, you must pay attention to the upholstery. It not only impacts the comfort level but also the appearance of the furniture. Choosing the right material and colours is not sufficient sometimes. The overall look of the furniture falls flat. This is when you should be looking for patterns. You can breathe life into any boring home interior design by introducing patterns. They allow you to add more character and personality to the space. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any pattern for the upholstery. If you are not sure about which option you should choose, here are a few upholstery patterns for 2022 you can consider:

01 of 05 Geometric patterns

If you are looking for trendy patterns for your chair or sofa upholstery, you can never go wrong with geometric prints. They are one of the most popular options used in home interior design decorations today. You can certainly make the furniture appear visually appealing by opting for upholstery that features geometric designs. These are mostly found in contemporary homes. Here are a few types of geometric patterns you can experiment with:

  • Stripes: The most common geometric pattern you will find in most places is stripes. According to experts, these are mostly preferred for giving a conservative effect.
  • Trellis: These patterns appear slightly like fences. People love using them for their chair or sofa upholstery because they help to create a 3-dimensional effect. You will find closely intersecting lines in this pattern. Also, a combination of two colours is used. They can make your furniture appear bold.
  • Ogee: You must have seen the diamond pattern. Ogee is similar to the diamond pattern and can elevate the appeal of the upholstery. Instead of sharp edges like the diamond pattern, their ends are rounded. As a result, an ancient and middle-east feel is created.
  • Moroccan lattice: Moroccan lattice is a traditional Turkish design. However, it can give a contemporary effect to your home interior design. People looking for colourful yet subtle upholstery options love this because the pattern features different shades of the same colour.
  • Polka dot: You must be aware of polka dots. They are immensely popular and preferred for their retro vibe. However, people can use this pattern in a modern setting as well. You can use this pattern for your sofa upholstery for a colourful and appealing look.

02 of 05 Floral patterns

The list of favourite patterns in 2022 cannot be complete without florals. They will certainly add more visual interest to your furniture upholstery. People love them because of their soft and ethereal effect. Here are a few varieties of floral prints you can consider for your furniture upholstery:

  • Chintz: This is one of the oldest fabrics used in home décor. Chintz primarily features beautiful floral themes. In contemporary designs, jewelled embeds and motifs are included. These patterns are great for your sofa upholstery. You can create a light and easy appearance with this pattern.
  • Chinoiserie: You will find many great patterns inspired by Chinese culture. Chinoiserie is a very popular traditional Chinese design. They are popular because they feature lots of colours and patterns. Although the primary focus is floral patterns, you can find other elements as well. It can look great on your upholstery.
  • Fleur-de-lis: This design is inspired by the flower lily. The popular french design has many different versions you can consider for your home decor. Choose this option for your upholstery if you want to create a traditional setup.

03 of 05 Digital patterns

People love digital prints because they give you the option of choosing any pattern you want. You can easily customise the design as per your preferences and ensure it perfectly matches your sofa design. Since you can create sharper patterns and colours, they help to create a more 3-dimensional effect. This is perfect for designing contemporary setups.

04 of 05 Checked patterns

You do not always have to look for complicated options. Many simple options can do wonders as well. Checks are a great option that appears simple but can elevate the appeal of your furniture. There are many different versions you can find such as gingham, harlequin, Greek key, etc. Some people may find them a little dull and boring but they are ideal for homeowners who want a muted look. If you do not want to go bold or make your sofa stand out from the rest of the living room decor, this is a great option.

05 of 05 Textured styles

There are lots of textures you can use for making your sofa upholstery more appealing. A few commonly used options are jacquard, brocade, and damask. These have a more conventional look and work great in traditional setups. Unlike modern options, they are not subtle. Rather, they are a little bold and tend to stand out. Jacquard is considered the best option for sofa upholstery by many experts.

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