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A Beginner’s Guide to Roll-up Doors Types and Buying Tips

Roll-up doors are used for both commercial and residential buildings. As the name suggests, the roll up security doors are opened by rolling upwards. These doors usually are operated with one of two automatic openers- an electric door operator or a jackshaft operator. Roll-up garage doors are perfect for individuals seeking convenient and easy access to their garages. Moreover, these doors offer security to the valuables from harsh natural elements, theft, or damage. However, choosing the right roll-up door for a facility can be mind-boggling. This article will let one know about different types of roll-up doors and how to choose the right one.

Different Types of Roll-up Doors

The roll up security doors can be classified into the following mentioned categories:

  1. Light-Duty Roll-up Doors

Light-duty roll-up doors are specifically designed for facilities requiring less frequent use and less demanding operations. It is why people can find such doors in houses or small stores. Furthermore, light-duty roll-up garage doors are the least expensive of the three categories.

  1. Medium-Duty Roll-up Doors

Medium-duty roll-up doors are known to balance heavy-duty roll-up doors and light-duty roll-up doors. These doors are ideal for standard commercial spaces like warehouses. Medium-duty roll-up doors are more durable than light-duty ones and, thus, can withstand more frequent operations without much wear and tear.

  1. Heavy-Duty Roll-up Doors 

Heavy-duty roll-up doors are specifically designed for the facilities involved in demanding high-cycle operations. People can find these doors installed at industrial buildings or freight terminals. Now that heavy-duty rolling doors are manufactured for strenuous activities, they are made with superior, durable material.

Although heavy-duty roll-up doors have the most upfront cost, these are the most cost-effective options as they are least likely to need constant maintenance due to frequent wear and tear.

Tips to Buy Roll-up Doors

Here are two key factors that a person should consider when buying roll up security doors:

  • Use

The intended use will significantly affect the type of roll-up door to buy. For instance, light-duty doors are suitable for smaller buildings, while heavy-duty rolling-up doors are perfect for warehouse use. If the door is intended to be used frequently, an individual should choose a roll-up door made from high-quality, durable, and temperature or pressure-resistant material.

  • Environment

If a person lives in an area susceptible to heavy storms, getting wind-certified roll-up doors with weather resistance is recommended. By installing such doors, people can reduce maintenance and replacement costs related to storm damage. Moreover, ensuring that the doors comply with the local building codes is crucial.


Regardless of what type of security rolling door a person is considering buying, he must consider the installation cost and choose a reliable provider. Usually, the installation cost of a garage roll-up door depends on multiple factors, like the size, type, material, and brand. The average price of installing these doors lies between $5,000 to $8,000. Talking about the provider, it’s a must for an individual to shortlist a reputable provider to provide him peace of mind that he is making the correct choice.

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