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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglary And Theft

Is your home well protected from theft? Nowadays, security is a key factor to be considered in residence; the routine of the residents can put them in an unsafe situation.

Our home is a precious asset; it shelters us, keeps our belongings, and is our foundation and reference. When we leave for work or travel, we expect that we can find it the same way we left it when we return. Having our home protected is essential, and by adopting small habits in the routine of the home, you can increase the security of your home and protect your family.

Check out our tips so you won’t be surprised at your home or you can visit website.

1 – Locks And Safety Locks

Invest in more efficient and safer locks and locks. Tetra keys, padlocks, cracks in windows and doors can help make it difficult and prevent thieves from entering. When leaving the house and leaving it empty, always remember to lock all doors, windows, exits, and gates. A single open door or window can facilitate unwanted entry.

2 – Security Cameras

Home security cameras have evolved a lot, and it is possible to find many models for outdoor and indoor areas that use advanced technologies.

3 – Alarms

Alarms are excellent mechanisms to inhibit, scare away and even warn the presence of thieves and strangers. Remember to turn it on before leaving the house and turn it off before entering. These devices work very well for houses, apartments, shops, or offices.

4 – Electric Fences

Gardens and outdoor areas are strategic locations for watching thieves. They keep an eye on objects that may be attractive such as adornments, furniture, electronic devices. Therefore, if possible, avoid leaving objects that are too flashy, which could arouse thieves’ desire.

Another care that this place requires is its appearance. Take care of the place, so it doesn’t look abandoned. Carelessness with the garden or the outside area can make the house appear empty, thus inviting thieves to try to enter.

5 – Wireless System For The Garage

Today it is already possible to install a camera at the house entrance that shows all your movement in real-time or at certain times. It is possible to have access to the images through the internet through remote access. It’s almost like a hidden camera that the homeowner can consult at any time, from anywhere. Some devices only trigger the camera transmission if the gate is activated. This type of system has become very popular, as it allows connection through any device with the internet, making it easier for owners to access images.

6 – Biometrics

Biometrics is a technology used to open doors, in the case of residential security. It is a device that replaces traditional locks and uses fingerprints to recognize authorized people and prevent the entry of strangers. Despite the high cost, this system has been rapidly gaining market in Brazil and has a high level of protection for your home.

7 – Architectural Shielding

Previously used only in security guardhouses and buildings requiring constant monitoring, such as banks and transport companies, architectural shielding can also be installed in ordinary homes. The technology provides for burglar and bullet-proof layers installed on the walls of the house’s main rooms. You can visit website like forbel to see some security devices.

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