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6 Things You Should Do Immediately After A Burglary

There is no doubt that having your house broken into is extremely distressing. Most people find it difficult to deal with the thought that strangers have been going through their belongings. In the aftermath of a burglary, it is difficult for many people to think clearly and concisely. The following practical steps can help you reduce stress as well as assist you with any insurance claims.

Listed below are some tips for things you can do that will help make coping with a burglary easier:

Ring the Police Immediately

Although calling the police might seem obvious, some people think their insurance company is the best place to start. Ensure that the intruders have left your premises before doing anything else. Call 999 and leave the house immediately if you suspect someone may still be in your home or business. It is best to call 101 or text 18001-101 if you are confident the burglar has left. This will allow the police to allocate their resources efficiently. Police will give you a crime reference number when you report a burglary. This number is important when filing your claim for any stolen items.

Call an Emergency Locksmith

You need to make your house secure again as soon as possible after it has been broken into. The best way to do this is to employ the services of an emergency locksmith in Linlithgow or wherever you are based. Not only will they be able to fix or replace your broken door or window locks, but they will also be able to suggest ways to improve your home’s security in the future. A good starting point would be to upgrade any poorly fitting or ineffective locks with replacements that conform to BS3621. Fitting sash jammers to UPVC windows and doors, as well as good quality locks to patio and French doors, is also a good idea. As a result, thieves will have a harder time accessing your property in the future.

Avoid Touching Anything:

There is a tendency to immediately clean up any mess caused by a break-in. However, no matter how compelling the urge to tidy up may be, it is best to avoid touching or moving anything. You may compromise any evidence that the thief has left behind if you move or touch anything.

Instead, photograph any broken doors or windows that may have been the entry point for the intruder, as well as the empty spaces that previously held stolen items. When it comes to insurance claims, doing this will undoubtedly help expedite the process.

Cancel any Stolen Credit or Bank Cards

Please contact your bank or credit card providers as soon as possible if you suspect the thief may have taken debit or credit cards.  You should also contact any finance providers if your smartphones, tablets, or laptops have been taken and contain passwords to any of your accounts.

Call your Mobile Network Provider

Immediately notify your network provider if you have had one or more mobile phones stolen. Furthermore, you should change any important passwords you have stored there to prevent burglars from accessing them.

Make a list of all stolen items

If your property has been stolen, try to get a copy of the valuation. In the case of an insurance claim, receipts, photographs, and insurance valuations will be helpful. It will help your insurance company expedite any claim if you can provide evidence of the value of the damaged or stolen property.

Additionally, make sure the intruders didn’t steal any important documents, such as passports or driving licenses. Report any missing passports or licenses to either the passport office or DVLA as soon as possible as these can be used to clone your identity.  You may become a victim of identity theft if you fail to do this.

In some ways, following these steps can help make the experience of being burgled less traumatic.

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