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5 Simple Ways To Unblock A Badly Blocked Toilet

A plunger is the first tool you reach for when your commode becomes clogged. However, if the obstruction is exceptionally sturdy, you may need more than your device to clear it. So, what other methods exist for unclogging a toilet?

As a first step, please refrain from flushing. If your toilet is having trouble draining, repeatedly emptying will only cause more water to collect in the basin. Here are some ways how to unblock a badly blocked toilet. Call Plumbing immediately if the clog is deep in the line or the commode won’t flush.

Ways To Unclog Your Toilet

· Dish Soap

There is an alternative to having to plunge every time the commode gets blocked. If you don’t have a plunger handy, dish detergent can help clear a clogged commode. Soap’s slick surface can act as a lubricant, easing the passage of residue stuck in the conduit.

If you’re out of dish detergent, you can use a bar of hand soap by cutting it into pieces and flushing them down the commode.

· Curved Wire Hanger

A hanger is a simple and efficient solution for a clogged toilet. A wire hanger may be the only instrument you need if you don’t have access to other unclogging options. To make a hook, straighten out the wire and curve one end. Move the wire around in circles, or try fishing by pushing it past the drain lid. If the obstacle is organic, the revolving movements will shatter it into tiny fragments. Hooks are handy for removing clogs if they are clothes or hair.

· Vacuum Cleaner

To clear a clogged commode, this is yet another highly efficient method. In less than a minute, you can use this vacuum to clear out the blockage in the commode. To begin, turn the machine into a liquid vacuum. Also, it would help if you protected the outlet from any potential messes. Empty the receptacle of all liquids and food scraps. Once you’ve finished cleaning out the basin, insert the tubing into the sink and cover it as tightly as possible with a towel or clothing. If you turn on the vacuum, the pipe will pull the obstruction into the canister.

· Create A Pressure With A Plastic Bottle

Start eliminating as much water as possible from the commode basin by repeatedly filling a small container with water from the bowl and emptying it into a bucket. Then, put some warm water in a big plastic container. Fit the bottle’s top end into the outlet at the bottom of the commode with your forefinger resting atop the bottle. Take your forefinger off the container and squeeze it to send the water squirting down the tube.

· How To Solve The Problems

Fixing a clogged drain can be a significant hassle. Due to pipes’ potential depth (often hidden under concrete, tarmac, or masonry walls), drains often require extensive excavation to undergo necessary maintenance. The only option is a drain liner. Now, are you wondering What is a drain liner? As the term implies, drain lining entails bonding a polymer lining to the interior of a drain conduit. It is a process of adding a new line inside an old one using physical labour. Call a professional plumber for more details about it.

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