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5 Door Lock Issues That You Should Address Immediately

Door problems are way too underrated. Your attitude towards the following issues will determine how it affects your security. Failure to address them with the help of a locksmith St Louis as soon as possible puts your security at risk.

Here are a few door lock problems that should not be ignored:

Loose Knobs, Handles, and Door Locks

With various moving components working in tandem, any loose part(s) will affect the function of the door.

How then do our doors become loose? Surprisingly, the answer is as simple as they come — Time!

When a door is used over an extended period of time, the components become weak and you start seeing loose door locks and doorknobs. This can lead to home break-ins, house/office lockouts and extremely dangerous in times of a fire.

The simple and most effective way to curb this problem is by employing the services of a professional locksmith in St Louis.

Misaligned Door Locks

Misaligned door locks is one door problem that is easy to spot. This problem has to do with an error in the arrangement of lock mechanism – usually caused as a result of misaligned deadbolts and latches. Misaligned door locks usually lead to bigger problems such as broken doors.

Troubleshooting is an effective method of combating a misaligned door lock problem – although it would take some time and effort. Employing the services of a professional locksmith St Louis is the best way to address this problem.

Broken Key

This is a big headache and one problem that just looks ugly. This usually leads to home and office lockouts. A broken key in a lock is one problem that if not treated carefully and expertly could easily cause damage to the door.

Fixing this should not be rushed as it is a delicate matter. It is best to hire a locksmith to address this issue immediately with lock replacement St Louis.

Jammed Latches and Locks

Jammed locks are one of the most ignored door problems. There is no one reason for jammed locks. Accumulation of debris in the internal mechanism is one of the most common causes of jammed locks and latches.

First determine the root cause of the jammed lock, then proceed to either cleaning the keyway or outright replacement/repair of the compromised part.

Turning Lock Cylinder

This is arguably the easiest problem to detect. While the key is in the lock cylinder, you can easily tell if the problem is there. A damaged or loose set screw is one of the common causes of this menace.

Fixing this problem requires accessing the set screws which sometimes involve the examination of their placement. If damaged, replace. If loose, tighten.

Door lock problems are a burden that needs effective tackling. Some door problems can be handled personally, while some need you hiring a professional locksmith St Louis. The latter is definitely the safest and smartest choice.

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